About our Group and Events

We want everyone to attend and feel valued, respected, welcome and safe.  (We are a 21+ group.)  To achieve this, we have some rules that are common sense but truly worth pointing out.


  • Consent is Sexy!  -  As in any other situation consent is everything.  Do not assume you can touch without an invite or agreement with all parties involved.  No means no at any point..!!  Please accept that you may not be for everyone and a polite refusal has to be accepted with good grace and polite manners.
  • Manners and Respect cost Nothing!  -  Should a situation arise that common decency and manners are ignored and a situation becomes uncomfortable due to someone's words or behavior, please notify one of the staff immediately.  We do not tolerate this in any way and it will result in removal from the event and being withdrawn from the group.  There are no warnings, safety is paramount!
  • Assumption  -  Do not assume just because someone attends an event that they are "up for it".  Many people attend for many reasons and have many different preferences which may not match yours.  Get to know each other and you will soon know if you are on the same wave length.
  • Mobile phones  -  While we do not discourage taking any photos or videos, you must...MUST...have the approval of all parties involved.  We value everyone's privacy and it is always one of our top priorities!  Phones/cameras are not allowed in play areas.
  • We operate a zero drug policy at all times and reserve the right to ask you to leave if it appears apparent that this is occurring.




  • Our events are normally "themed", but saying that, it is never a requirement to dress as such.  We understand that there are many "first timers" among us that don't feel comfortable stepping out of the box with a costume.  We do encourage involvement though...it really does make the night so much more fun!  Some venues do have rules regarding the extent of "undress", so please read the event descriptions...we will always let you know beforehand.  And when you visit our venue, know that it is clothing optional from the second you step out of your vehicle.
  • Ladies  -  Now is the opportunity to show off and have a great time with your costumes!  Sexy, unique and original costumes are a great way to start conversations and get that "attention".  If you are just testing the waters, please talk with other ladies about ideas and places to shop.  We love to help each other and have a great time doing so, don't feel shy...ask!
  • Gentlemen  -  Please remember you are out to impress and if you arrive looking like you just came from the gym or a work site, "no" will be a common word you hear.  We absolutely love to see our gentlemen join in the themed events.  There is nothing more alluring than a smart-dressed guy!