Welcome to our Family!


We are a group of like-minded folks that enjoy the lifestyle.  Our goal is to help our members make new connections and enjoy their journeys in a safe and friendly environment.

It is extremely important to us to support businesses, communities and our members when life flips upside down.  Our events have become known for the friendly, safe, welcoming (by all) and fun atmosphere.  Let alone the most amazing and sexy people of SWFL and surrounding areas!  Being a "wallflower" is not an option...it's important to us that everyone has an amazing memorable experience with absolutely no pressure or expectations!

Our events are always posted here, on SDC, Kasidie and on our private FB page.  Not on SDC...no problem!  Use promo code 35447 to view the exciting world we live in!  Or click on the banners below for SDC or Kasidie for a free 30-day trial.  For the FB page, please message us and we can give you more information.


Check out our events and FAQ pages to get started on a journey of a lifetime!